How To Grow Foxglove In Pots?

Foxglove flowers are a favorite for wedding bouquets, but they can be grown in many different places and in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

The flowers of this plant are brightly-colored and bell-shaped. They are easy for both amateur and expert gardeners to grow at home indoors or in the garden.

The plant of foxglove flower looks just as beautiful in the ground as they do in the container while growing indoors.

Foxgloves grow best in full sun to partial shade and prefer cool temperatures.

Foxgloves are easy to grow in most garden situations and are great for adding height and interest to a flower border.

Moreover, the foxglove plant dies after flowering. but while they are dying they drop a lot of seeds in the soil from which they will grow next year.

foxgloves produce flowers once every two years. So in order to get plant self-seed and flower each year, you need to grow them for 2 consecutive years.

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