How To Grow Garlic In container at home?

choose the right container that has enough volume so that goog numbers of garlic can be grown.

Choosing a suitable  container

Garlic plants would need suitable geographical conditions whether we grow them inside or outside. Sunlight is very important in all conditions.

Locating the right  place

Whether we provide water manually or use the automatic dripping system, the water quantity should be enough as much as it needs.

Providing water

Take a right container, fill it with suitable(above mentioned) soil,  put the cloves under 2-3 inches soil

keep them in the presence of sunlight,  water them regularly and within 10 days the garlic green will start to appear.

It will take a month to grow to its mature stage. You have to keep cutting the leaves, then it will regrow.

The suitable time to grow garlic is when the climate is cooler i.e during September to November.

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