how to grow ginger indoors?

Ginger is one of our favorite spices to have in high supply around our kitchen, and lucky for us, this tropical plant can easily be grown indoors all year, even during the long, cold Vermont winters.

All ginger needs is filtered sunlight, warm and humid weather, and rich and moist soil. If you can mimic these conditions inside your house, you can grow it in just about any climate!

To get started, look for a large, wide planting container with good drainage holes, and a tray or saucer to set beneath it. Although it has shallow roots, this plant requires significant space to grow and spread.

It is also a good idea to find a container that is portable, as you may want to move it from place to place in your house, or outside when the warm weather returns.

source some ginger roots. You want to look for firm roots that look plump and juicy, not shriveled or withered. Try to find large, fat chunks, at least two inches long and two inches wide.

Fill your container most of the way with the potting mix, and place the root sections on top of the soil about 5 inches apart with the buds pointing upwards.

Cover lightly with about two more inches of potting mix, and water until the soil is moist to the touch but not wet.....

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