How To Grow Grape Tomatoes Indoors?

Well, because the size and shape of the grape tomatoes are just like the shapes of grapes. The diameter of grape tomato is about 1 inch like a cherry tomato.

Also, grape tomatoes have lower water and comparatively more sweetness than cherry tomatoes.

It’s important to plant your tomatoes in a way that will keep them in the shade during the summer months when it’s hot and dry.

So they can get their water and energy needs met. They don’t need bright, full sunlight either, as this can damage the fruit.

The soil which is considered best for growing grape tomato is loose, nutritious, and slightly acidic soil.

I would prefer to use a clay pot having enough drainage holes at the bottom so that development of root rot can be avoided and air circulation in soil can be increased.

The size of the plant highly depends on the variety you choose. You can choose small or medium-size grape tomato variety to grow indoors.

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