How To Grow Green Chilies In Pots At Home ?

growing green chilies indoors first thing you require a good container.

1.Selection of  Pots

The process of making soil for the plant is a very important process

2.Making Soil for the Green Chilies

using sea sand is the help of the soil to do drainage in a good manner.

3.Adding Sea Sand into the Soil

For making the soil of green chilies you need organic compound, fertilizer, neem kit powder.

4.Add Some Ingredients in Green Chilies Soil

green chilies require direct 5 – 6 hour sunlight on daily basis for growth.

5.Require Sunlight for the green Chilies Plants

spread 2 to 3 green chilies seeds in one container or mixed them in soil.

6.Select Green Chilies Seeds

water to work in the process of growing green chilies for germinating the seeds water is necessary.

7. Watering

To know the full process of growing green chillies in pots at home you have to read our full article by click the link given below.