Hostas in particular make a lovely statement flanking the entrance to your home, especially if you have an awning, large tree, or a cover over your doorway providing shade.

Groupings of potted hostas make an interesting focal point. A variegated type paired with one that has yellow foliage or one with blue leaves stands out. Bonus points if they have impressive blossoms.

Hostas come in a wide variety of sizes, so I suggest selecting your plant first and then deciding on a container.

Before we jump in, just be aware that hostas generally grow to a smaller size in a container than they would the ground, which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on your goals.

Hostas prefer loamy earth and do best with a well-draining, water-retentive, rich medium. Any standard potting soil will do, so don’t stress about it too much.

Plantain lilies like a good amount of moisture. That’s part of the reason they do so well in some shade.

You’ll need to provide extra water if you don’t live somewhere that receives regular moisture in the form of precipitation.

At some point, unless you are growing a miniature hosta that stays petite, you will need to divide and/or repot your plants. Even with miniature hostas, you’ll need to replenish the soil every few years.

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