How To Grow Jalapeno From Store-Bought Peppers?

You can grow any type of pepper from store-bought peppers. This includes the jalapenos that you buy at the supermarket.

Jalapenos grow well in both hot and cold climates. Use high-quality soil, water your plant regularly and feed them with organic nutrients through manure and fertilizers to grow your jalapeno plant healthy.

The only way of growing jalapenos is from seeds. You can’t just plop the half jalapeno in the soil and expect to grow into a plant.

The key is to harvest the seeds. As a matter of fact, there are dozens of seeds present in a single pepper. You can start your own garden of jalapenos very quickly.

Grocery store-bought jalapenos are mostly hybrids, which contains seeds that are sterilized.

Make sure that the peppers which you are buying are the heirlooms ones or it would be a waste of time. Heirloom jalapenos are the true jalapenos.

The glossy green peppers that are usually displayed on grocery stores aren’t the peppers you want to plant.

Pick those peppers that are almost dry and have a few fine wrinkles. This is the sign that the seeds are ready to harvest.

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