How to Grow large Size Strawberry In Pots?

For growing large strawberries there are various factors that affect it which are potassium, nitrogen, which must be balanced.

The large usage of potassium or nitrogen it will damage the root of the plant. To improve the productivity of the fruit you must use good soil and compost.

There are some Essential factors for Growing Strawberries...

This is the first factor for the growth of the strawberry .you can place the plant indoor or grow it in any pot.

1. Plotting the plant

The temperature must be 20 to 25 degrees c for the proper growth of the plant. The strawberry can be planted in both the situation whether it is hold or cold.

2. Climate

The plants need direct 5 to 6 hours direct sunlight to grow but if you have sunlight issues for that you can use led lights to maintain the temperature

3. Sunlight

Strawberry is mostly grown in the winter season and consuming strawberry has many benefits such as it consists of vitamin c which heals and boosts up your immunity.

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