How To Grow Lemongrass In Pots?

You can grow lemongrass in pots. Lemongrass is a herb that can be grown in pots or gardens.

Lemongrass is, also known as citronella, is a tropical perennial plant.

It is widely used in Asian cuisine, mostly in soups and stews. It has a fragrant lemony odor and hence the name lemongrass.

Besides its use as a herb, it is also used to make insect repellent, candles, and soap.

Lemongrass can be grown easily in pots; pots at least 12 inches deep and 18 inches wide should be used to plant lemongrass.

Lemongrass should be grown in a warm and sunny place and watered when the soil is dry.

Growing lemongrass is a fun and easy gardening project that anyone can do with a sunny window or garden.

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