How To Grow Microgreens Indoors?

Microgreens are wonderful for salads, sandwiches, and wraps. They’re especially nice stir-fry ingredients.

space is not a big issue when it comes to growing microgreens indoors. If you plant them right, you can grow multiple veggies in a limited space.

The common microgreen which you can grow indoors are basil, sunflowers, flax, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, mustard, peas, parsley, etc.

A little maintenance is required for their growth but ensures that the outcome would be great. Ensure that microgreens get enough sun and the soil should be moist every time.

It is very easy to grow microgreens indoors. Just put some potting soil in a seedling tray or container.

Make certain that the tray or container whatever you are using to grow microgreens should have drainage holes in the bottom.

Scatter the seeds on the soil, don’t care for overcrowding. cover the seeds with a thin layer of the soil and keep the soil moist.

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