How to Grow Stevia from seeds?

stevia plant or “stevia rebaudiana“ is a natural sweetener that can be used for various purposes.

It grows with leaves that are sweet and has been used for sweetening teas, food, and drinks for a long time.

1. Select the container. it is advised to select a small pot in the beginning.

To grow stevia from seeds use the following steps.

2. Use potting mix for growing stevia from seeds as it contains peat, moss, vermiculite, and other organic material.

3. Sow the seeds. Make a hole in the soil of about 1/2 inch and put the seed in it. Cover it with a thin layer of the soil.

4. Water the soil immediately after planting the seed. Regular water the pot and wait for the germination of seed.

5. Take good care of the seedling. Make sure that it gets enough water, sunlight, air, etc.

6. Once the seedling grows into 2-3 inch plant transplant it in the large pot for more space. And if the weather is warm, you can directly plant them in your garden.

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