How to Grow Strawberries From a Strawberry?

If you dig a hole, put a strawberry in it, and cover it up, you most likely won’t ever see strawberry plants grow from the strawberry.

In nature, the strawberries are eaten by birds and other critters, and the seeds are subsequently passed.

As the seeds plummet to the ground in their, ahem, new environment, they splat and get covered by a thin layer of organic matter/dirt over the course of the rest of summer, fall, and winter.

Out of this thin layer of soil, following months of cold, the seeds will germinate with the first warm weather of late winter or spring.

The seedlings are tiny. If they are below the surface more than just a bit, they won’t be able to make their way to the light (which helps some varieties germinate as well).

So, if you are trying to grow a strawberry plant from a strawberry, the best option is to thinly slice the strawberry, dry it.

And then lightly cover it where you would like it to sprout outdoors prior to the cold winter temperatures.

This can be a rewarding experience IF you can keep the bugs and the birds from finding, stealing, or destroying your buried strawberry slices. It is much easier to just buy strawberry plants from a nursery or supplier.

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