How To Grow Vegetables In Tyre?

In Tyre Gardening, the used tyre is used as a container that is further filled with soil and ready for sowing seeds or cuttings of vegetables that you want.

Now, as the plant in the tyre grows, stack another tyre on it. It can be further used as small garden beds for flowers, fruits and vegetables.

The vegetables can be grown in tyres by putting them in containers.

The process is started by placing some hard sheet under the tyres to be used, then the vegetables to be sown are added and then the whole area is covered with mud.

The soil should be of good-quality and well-drained.

There is one more advantage behind using tyres for gardening, i.e., tyres provide warmth to the plants which helps them to grow well.

Many vegetables can be grown in tyres. Some of them are tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, onions, peppers, spinach and even potatoes.

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