How To Make Your Christmas Cactus To Bloom?

Christmas cactus is an easy-care houseplant. It produces flowers that are red, yellow, pink, and white during the fall to winter holidays.

To bloom or not to bloom is the question that many Christmas cacti owners are asking. Interesting thing is, during the holidays the stores are flooded with Christmas cactus.

The problem faced by the Christmas cactus planters is that the plant does not bloom properly or not at all. No sign of flowers is seen.

To trigger blooming in the Christmas cactus plant, the nights should be 14 hours long and days between 6 to hours for at least 6 weeks.

The second most important factor that would help your plant to set buds is cool temperatures at night.

Do not keep the plant drenched in the water regularly. Being a tropical naive the plant needs more water than other cactus plants but it does not mean keeping its feet wet all the time.

Stop any kind of fertilizer application to the plant. Christmas cactus requires fertilizer during the summer season.

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