How to Prune an indoor Banana plant?

Indoor potted banana trees not only are tropically beautiful, but they actually can produce fruit. A well-cared for and pruned potted banana tree can produce up to 90 bananas per year.

Prune the banana plant in the beginning of its growing cycle before the plant fruits and again after you harvest the fruit.

There are several reasons why banana trees need to be pruned such as: 1. It gets infected by some disease or fungus


2. Leaves turn yellow because of frost or an excessively cold environment 3. The banana tree starts to change the color because of dehydration

A sharp and clean knife or blade is needed to prune banana trees. The best time to prune is after harvesting the fruit.


Prune the yellow and diseased leaves while starting from the outer side of the banana tree. Then move gradually towards the inner leaves.

Only the main stalk should remain intact and all the suckers and lower leaves should be removed with a clean knife or blade.

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