How to Prune Avocado Plant?

Avocado plant can quickly become leggy when we grow them indoors – the single spindly stem reaching upwards, a crown of leaves, and no branches.

Whether you grow avocado for its fruit or foliage, you can make pruning cuts that force it to branch into a fuller shape.

Proper pruning is essential to encourage branching. Trim the plant’s tip and topmost leaves when it’s 12 inches (30 cm). Thankfully, pruning Avocado plants is simple.

First, get hold of some decent secateurs. These will enable you to prune your plant without causing unnecessary damage to the stems.

clear your secateurs of any visible debris to reduce the likelihood of spreading disease to your plant. Use a general-purpose cleaning solution.

If it’s your plant’s first pruning, make sure that the plant is at least six to eight inches tall. Make a clean cut around halfway, just above a leaf node.

The plant will now produce two branches from the site of the first pruning. Once these branches are eight inches long, you can pinch out or prune the tips.

Continue pruning branches whenever they reach more than eight inches until your plant is the shape that you want it. Leave smaller branches alone.

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