How to Save Water In Container Gardening?

The position of pots is the factor that affects the growth of the plant. If you put them in the sunny area it will absorb the water.

Set Positions of the pots

This works as an organic compound by using it in the plant, it helps to lock the moisture of the plant and provide the nutrient.

Use Doubling Mulching

One should give water to the plant during the periods which are given.

Give Periodically Watering

For saving the water of the container you must take care of the plant as you give water on a regular basis the plant will grow itself.

Take Proper Care and Cultivate

some of the leaves that are damaged will stick to the growth of other leaves of the plants as you give the water it will not improve the growth of the plant.

Cut down Unwanted Leaf

As the different plants grow in different atmospheres and environments.

Provide Some Protected or Shaded Area

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