How We Grow Microgreens Without Soil?

Microgreens are becoming more and more popular these days. well, there is the reason behind it also.

The first one is that they are highly nutritious. Secondly, garnishing microgreens on the top of the dishes makes your dish delicious and picture-perfect.

As an indoor gardener we try to choose the plants which are easy to grow and harvest without creating any mess. And microgreens are one of them.

Microgreens are fast-growing plants that need less space and grow with little maintenance.

When you grow microgreens without soil indoors – cleanliness, low cost, and beautiful productive plants are the outcomes. You can easily harvest microgreens within a couple of weeks.

Although, it becomes easy to grow microgreens in water as it can directly absorb oxygen and other nutrients from the water.

If you want you can add some fertilizers to the water to make it more healthy. Also, growing microgreens in water it eliminates the fuss of handling soil.

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