Important Tips for growing sugarcane at pots?

Sugarcane can be grown in two ways. i.e through  seeds and cuttings

The best time for planting sugarcanes is during cold climate i.e. between October and November.

While choosing soil, saline, acidic, and alkaline soil should be avoided.

Once is 4-5 months, sugarcane needs fertilizers. Granular 8-8-8 or 10-10-10 fertilizer is best for its growth.

Moisture is important but you must take care that the soil doesn’t become soggy while watering.

Sugarcanes are vulnerable to some diseases like Eye Spot, Pineapple Disease, Red Dot, and Sugarcane Smut Disease.

Sugarcane is a plant that usually grows in temperate tropical regions. It needs a plentiful of sunlight and rain to grow.

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