Mind-Blowing Facts About Plants

For instance, science tells us that plants ‘talk’ to each other. They do this via their roots in a very unique way, by secreting chemicals into the soil.

1. Plants talk to each other

A study led by researchers at McMaster University found that root allocation increased when groups of strangers shared a pot - but not when groups of siblings shared a pot.

2. Plants recognize their siblings

Recent research has found that plant roots actually respond to environmental sound. There’s also research to suggest that sound can increase the yield of plants.

3. Plants react to sound

Plant cells in their roots and stems have the ability to detect the pull of gravity on their bodies, thanks to some specialized cells called statocytes.

4. Plants sense gravity

some plants use lures to trick potential pollinators into visiting flowers that don't actually produce any nectar for reward. They still receive pollen with the help of the insect as it visits each flower searching for nectar.

5. Plants use tricks to lure pollinators

Many plants release scents or volatile chemicals when they are stressed, attracting insects and other animals that can help them escape from a dangerous situation.

6. Plants release distress signals when under stress

plants also have such a clock. This means that they can prepare themselves for various times of the day. Plants use sugar signals to establish this circadian phase when it’s light and dark.

7. Plants know what time it is

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