9 Secret Tips to Grow Your Houseplant Faster

The eggshells are waste material that could be turned into a perfect fertilizer to make the houseplants grow faster.

Eggshell is an excellent fertilizer

It’s important to keep the water that comes from boiled eggs. It’s a good secret to use. Never forget to cool off the water before you use it.

Boiled egg water can add calcium to the soil

Oyster shells are a good fertilizer for soils. Collect a large number of oyster shells from the coast and use them as a fertilizer for your plants.

Oyster Shells are great for making the soil alkaline

Studies have found that when water containing aspirin was sprayed onto seeds directly sown in the ground, there was a 100% germination.

Aspirin boosts the immune system of the plant

The banana peel is rich in potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. It’s an effective way to add these nutrients to the soil.

Banana Peel/Skins add micronutrients to the soil

Teabags can be used as a good fertilizer for your plants. You can also use tea bags to make a compost bin for your plants

Tea Compost is a great fertilizer for the soil

Coffee Grounds are an excellent nitrogen source. You can use it in place of tea leaves to add nitrogen to your garden.

Coffee Grounds are an excellent source of nitrogen

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