Store-Bought Vegetables That You Can Regrow

If you’re like most of us who have extra ginger left in the kitchen after following some specific recipe, then you can give it a new life by regrowing it.


If you ask me, what is the easiest plant that can be grown in the kitchen? I would say – Garlic. It is one of the easiest foods that can be grown and harvested easily.


If you have bought green onions from the store, then you can easily regrow them in a container or pot will little care.

Green Onion

Growing lettuce from scraps and leftovers is not that difficult. In fact, it is easy to grow as they would regrow.


The next time, save seeds from the hot peppers or bell peppers. Now plant them directly in the soil in a seedling tray.


You can easily regrow potatoes that are bought from stores a couple of days ago. Sometimes potatoes start to grow themselves while left in the kitchen for too long.


Cut the top of the carrot about 2-inch in length. Now plant the cutting in the container having drainage holes in the bottom.


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