Best Vegetables to Grow Indoors

Scallions are great for gardening beginners because they're easy to care for and don't need as much sunlight as some other veggies.


"Radishes are known to do quite well indoors," This root veggie won't need a ton of light, but it will need a deep enough container large to house the growing bulbs.


Not only are microgreens incredibly easy to grow, they're super healthy, too.


These versatile crops can be grown in fuss-free planter pouches, though they'll need a lot of light once they're established.


"Leafy greens and lettuce will do well indoors year-round," Spinach doesn’t like to be surrounded by moisture, so make sure you grow your greens in a well-draining soil in a pot with drainage holes.


It can be tricky to get tomatoes and other fruits to perform well indoors, which is why it's best to start them indoors and then move them outside once it's warm enough.


Pepper plants are tropical perennials. They shrivel at just the hint of frost, but indoors they can thrive.

Hot Peppers

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