What is  Organic Container Gardening?

Gardening is the process of using seeds fertilizer, and soil to grow a plant in a container or in a garden.

Organic means natural without any harmful chemicals .

It represent gardening in a container by using organic components .

Organic container gardening

in other words when a plant is grown by using the natural or organic Manure to make good soil.

It acts as a lifeline of a plant when all these are done in a container so this is known as container gardening.

You can start organic container gardening  by keeping these things  in your Mind

1. Location where the plant placed 2. Soil usage 3. Organic fertilizer 4. Perfect container 5. Selection of plant 6. Watering

7. Organic fertilizer 8. Maintenance of the plant 9. Rotation of the container plant 10. Take care of the plant 11. Harvesting time.

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