What is Wild Strawberry Plant Pods?

While there are dozens of different plants to try growing in a Click and Grow smart garden, the Wild Strawberry pods are among the most satisfying.

Click and Grow strawberries are quite easy to grow as the manufacturer offers pre-seeded strawberry

Since finding strawberry seeds can be a bit tricky, it’s nice to have the seed pod option available from Click & Grow. Strawberry seed pods currently cost $12.95 USD for a 3-pack or $29.95 for a 9-pack.

If you do have strawberry seeds, you can also use the blank “Grow Anything” empty seed capsules to grow those seeds. Just pop the seeds you have into the soil sponge pods when they arrive.

Strawberry seeds are typically quite slow to germinate, whether you’re sprouting them indoors or out in the garden.

It took 2-3 weeks after planting the pods in the Click & Grow before the strawberry seeds germinated and seedlings appeared. Strawberry pods are one of the slowest varieties to germinate, so be patient!

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