When to Stop Fertilizing Christmas Cactus?

The biggest misconception with the Christmas cactus is that it hails from the hot, dry desert, and therefore should be cared for like a true cactus plant.

Because of that tropical background, the Christmas cactus performs best in bright, indirect lighting. Full sun, or placing near a window that receives too much sun can often burn the foliage.

Christmas cactus should only be fertilized during the late spring and summer months.

This allows for a bit of new growth and for the plant to store energy for the winter blooming season.

Use a high quality all-purpose indoor plant fertilizer, and not one intended for succulents or true cacti plants.

Fertilize once a month from late spring to August. Be sure to stop fertilizing in the fall to allow the plant time to prepare for December blooming.

Prune plants in late spring to encourage branching and more flowers. Simply cut off a few sections of each stem; the plant will branch from the wound.

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