Best Indoor Air Purifying Plants?

Lilly plant needs a bright light spot.The summer season is the growing season for the plant.

Lilly plant

it is an extremely beautiful plant and it is a long-life plant. it does not require any spot for its growth it can grow up to 1 foot without any stick.

Golden Pothos

it is used in ayurvedic medicine mainly used in cooking.Maybe it cannot available in the nursery but you can buy it from online sites.


The best option for indoor air purifying plant. if you want to plant aloe vera in your home so you have to be sensitive and caring towards its cleaning.

Aloe Vera

for the proper plantation of the bamboo plant change water after 10 days.for decoration, you can place the bamboo in water.

Bamboo Plants

it requires medium light or bright light. you can shift the plant in the afternoon sun or morning sun

Rubber plant

dragon tree is an indoor plant which is an air purifier . bright indirect light prefer in the tree.The direct light will destroy the plant.

Dragon tree

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