Which Vegetables We Can Grow  In Bucket?

By using a 5-gallon bucket you can easily grow 20-25 carrots per bucket. A mostly small variety of carrots is more preferable.


The growth of onion in the bucket gardening is very superb. Also, Onions can be grown in the bucket with or without seeds.


If you ask me ginger is a better option to grow in your buckets. Put the existing ginger in your bucket and regrow the plant without seedings.


Beets are one of the most essential ingredients which provide health benefits and the growth of beets is not too difficult in bucket gardening.


Spinach is one of the easy plants to grow in a container. Spinach can be grown in the bucket while sowing the seeds on the soil or sprinkle some seeds of spinach


peas can be grown while putting the seeds of peas indoor in the tray of seeds.


There are special kinds of bags which are used for growing potatoes. They can be grown in your bucket too.


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